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Online English Courses

Get confident in English and improve your skills by speaking

Develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking in a natural conversational way, and without the fear of making mistakes.

In your own time, pace and potential; from the comfort of your home.

Online English Courses

Online English classes

Get confident in English and improve your skills by speaking

Develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking in a natural conversational way, and without the fear of making mistakes.

In your own time, pace and potential; from the comfort of your home.

I know by experience that becoming fluent in a new language can be daunting, and sometimes, even frustrating.

That’s why, with my English classes I would like to share with you the tools and techniques that I have acquired over the many years, and fill you with the CONFIDENCE you need in your journey to ACHIEVING the English level you DESIRE.

Because with confidence, the right mindset and an experienced coach, you can achieve anything you want!

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My Classes

Learn English in a natural way​

You will learn the 4 skills in the English language – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking – simultaneously during each session.

My emphasis is focused on speech, without the fear of mistakes; because I believe that it’s more important to “get your point across” than to build a perfect sentence.

Then, we analyse each sentence and see how it can be improved. And this way, you will also discover the grammar and how it can be applied.

The sky is the limit, and the world is your oyster

Acquire the main skills in English and feel confident about it

  1. Reading and comprehending
  2. Explaining your ideas clearly
  3. Pronouncing each word clearly
  4. Discussing matters
  5. Writing any kind of text, from an email to a report
  6. Listening and understanding real and pre-recorded conversations
  7. Identifying different accents
  8. Narrating what’s being said (direct and indirect speech structures)
  9. Using the appropriate verb tenses
  10. And you will have fun with jokes, puns, games, and more!
“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”
"It always seems impossible until it's done."
Nelson Mandela



You're in good hands!

Hello! I’m Samuel, your coach and guide to English language learning. I’m based in Gipuzkoa and I travel within the province to meet my students.

I am a TEFL Level 5 Certified English Teacher (Teach English as a Foreign Language.

And I’m also qualified in the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) for proficiency purposes of work between some Countries during my career as an Accountant in London.

My personal life, studies and professional work life have all been conducted in the  English language. – “I take to English like duck to water”.

This means that you are in very good hands to learn English in a dynamic and  interesting way to help you assimilate faster, so you can achieve your goal – communicating in English confidently! Slowly but surely! 
profesor de inglés online / online english teacher


What my students say

Joining my classes, you will feel your progress within 12 months, as proved by some of my students today after having hired me in the past years.

“Very dynamic classes where the teacher adapts to the needs of the student. I recommend it”.
Ignacio Chacón
Algeposa Corporate Services, S.L. - Financial Controller (B2 Level) – 2023
“He has a lot of patience. He prepares classes and topics exhaustively. He always tries to help. He is ready to choose the topics that I like the most so that I can give him conversation in English. He makes the classes enjoyable. The only thing is that the internet signal is a bit poor and that makes communication difficult at times”.
Ismael Pujazón Peña
Bernardo Ecenarro S.A. (BESA) – Adviser (B1 Level) – 2023
"I first met Sam during the English Corner conversation class with Elduaien academy in 2016. The English conversation classes were greatly beneficial to me and rich in content. Yes, for sure I would recommend his classes; his English is very clear, and well pronounced."
Jorge Fernández
B2 level Student, 2016 - Information Technology Professional.
"I would recommend it to others if someone is looking to learn or improve their English, because I’m very happy with your class and I’ve learned a lot with you." 
Xiao Fei
B1 level Student, 2021 - Private Business Owner.
"Sam helped me meet my goals. I use English regularly in my job and now I feel much more confident and able to solve all the issues with English speakers’ - clients. I hope to meet him in the future again and continue improving my English. If you are thinking in enrolling an English course, do not doubt and contact Sam, you will not regret."
Xabier Ortega
C1 level Student, 2018 - Company Logistics Executive.
"I want to highlight the personal enrichment and confidence that this experience has given me, not only in the notable improvement that from my point of view I have had in understanding and fluency with the language, but also in the practice during my travels and in my work when I have had to negotiate with English speaking clients."
Ana Aguirrezabala
B2 level Student, 2018 - Eroski, Retail Executive
"After my first month with Sam, I started passing most of my English exams and understanding the language better. And after a year, my marks and my understanding improved considerably. His classes are very dynamic and entertaining, because he doesn't teach with a book, he teaches by speaking and practicing English within a conversation."
Oscar Goy
B1 level Student, 2019 - Student at Technical College.
He's a friendly teacher that explains everything till you understand it. He always has a topic to discuss, so you can chat and practice.
(Sam was recommended to TUS Clases Particulares, Spain on 29/11/202)
Analia Jorge
Logistics Executive, Algeposa
"The lessons were perfectly adapted to my needs. They were enjoyable, free-flowing and with interesting up-to-date material. He's a great coach."
(Sam was recommended to TUS Clases Particulares, Spain on 30/11/202)
Gustavo Hoyos
Training Director, Sinnek
"It's worth remembering that it is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change."
HM Queen Elizabeth II

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